Artikelnr ATO201G

Rollei ATO 2.1 120 film 5 pack

ROLLEI ATO 2.1 (Lith film)
The special thing about this film is, that it can be/should be handled individually with different deveoplers.

With an LOW CONTRAST developer, e.g. our ROLLEI RLC (1+4), or a KODAK TECHNICOL LC, to reach an nearly  image-play, but with higher contrast. That is especially popular with photographers, which aspire dramatic picture results.

With an COMPENSATION DEVELOPER, as our ROLLEI RHS (1+7), or KODAK X-Tol, will achieve a similar effect, but with an tougher gradition.

Normally, however, lith or document, or special lith film developers should be used.
Then you obtain a considerably steeper gradation than, for example, with normal ortho films. From our range, we recommend the ROLLEI RHC (1+4) (high contrast) and/or ROLLEI SUPERLITH (1+4) developer.
In all these developers,  the first attempt should be made with the standard dilution at 20°C, and about 5 minutes development time to start with.
After this time it should be set by their own individual claims to modify.